5 Things Every Wildly Successful Kickstarter Music Project Has In Common


Keep the following things in mind as you begin your campaign, as we’ve identified these pieces as crucial elements for successful music projects:

  • MUSIC - Add links, embedded files from SoundCloud, Spotify, etc., YouTube videos, recordings of your live shows — make sure that people who visit your project page can actually hear your songs. (Haven’t recorded yet? Play something live in your project video!)

  • CLEAN, CLEAR IMAGES - be sure to include a handful of photos that are free of logos and copy — think previous performances, you in the studio, or just you in your element! Also, make sure your cover image is the proper ratio specification: 1024x576 pixels (16:9 ratio) in size.

  • AN ENGAGING PROJECT VIDEO - it can be serious or silly, pro or casual, but be sure to have one to share your music and story, and keep it authentic to you. Check this out for more tips on making a project video. It doesn’t have to feel like an infomercial & 90-120 seconds MAX is perfect! Here’s one of our favorite Kickstarter videos.

  • LIVE STREAM DIRECTLY FROM YOUR PROJECT PAGE - KSR just launched a new feature: Kickstarter Live! - Here’s how to get started:

      • 1 - Go to your project page

      • 2 - Click "live stream" in the menu on the left side of your project page

      • 3 - Follow the onscreen setup instructions

  • PLAN YOUR COMMUNICATION STRATEGY TO UPDATE YOUR BACKERS - Think of them as part of your team who are now invested in your success. Backer updates are a crucial part of engaging the people who are supporting you and they’re a great a way to expand the reach of your campaign. We have a number of update ideas to inspire you here!

Steve Soboslai