6 Great Documentary Project Videos on Kickstarter

6 Kickstarter Project Videos for Documentary Ideas that Knocked It Out of the Park!

One of the hottest forms of film these days is the documentary. Is it because streaming behemoths like Netflix and Hulu have an endless library of interesting things for the world to watch? Perhaps. Ok, you’re right, it’s almost DEFINITELY that, coupled with the fact that spending a few hours in a world of Donkey Kong high scores or contentious bandmate dynamics is ALWAYS a great way to escape.

Not every documentary can be a Fyre Festival film(s) type sensation, but with the right subject matter, the proper set up, AND a primed target audience - YOUR documentary film idea could indeed be the next viral streaming success!

However, your film idea has to start somewhere and there’s no better place to begin than with a fantastic and compelling Kickstarter video. One and a half to two minutes tops is LITERALLY all it takes to effectively showcase your idea to the world.

We wanted to share a few examples of recent Kickstarter film project videos that really made an impact with us, for a number of reasons. Check them out for yourself and let us know what you think about these selections:

UPDATE: We noticed while putting this blog post together that, at this point in time, 4 out of 6 of these projects have yet to fulfill the rewards to the people that backed the project. Creators— be careful you don’t promise things you can’t deliver on. We take fulfillment seriously. Yes, it can be challenging when production times take longer than expected, but we’re dedicated to keeping things on track and backers informed every step of the way.

Wrecking Crew Documentary

This is a great trailer that really sells the idea. However, it should’ve ended after the trailer. The ending of this video has a strong “begging for your help” vibe that should be avoided in your project video.


the wrecking crew 1.png

The Story of Creem Magazine

This trailer sucks you in right away and tells everything you need to know quickly, while keeping it interesting. The video also doesn’t plead for a thing and is right to the point.


boy howdy the story of creem magazine.png

App - The Human Story -

I’ve never thought about the folks that go behind the creation of apps and how apps have been such a force in lifestyle change for humans. After watching the video for this documentary, I wanted to find out more and watch it instantly!


app the human story 1.jpg

Bronycon: The Documentary -

This video is VERY short and to the point. They didn’t mention money once and used the optimal project word that is “support” - Never mention “donate” or “money” to give backers the impression of virtual panhandling. This film also raised 538% of its goal, so it’s hard to argue with that!



Dungeons & Dragons: A Documentary

Be serious, you NEVER knew the story behind Dungeons & Dragons and probably always wondered how it became a phenomenon. Well this short, sweet, and engaging video certainly piqued my curiosity and now I’m gonna find out!

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/andrewpascal/dungeons-and-dragons-a-documentary -


Back In Time - Back To The Future Documentary

Simply a fantastic and compelling story. The video never asks for anything (which there SHOULD be a call to action in your KSR video - i.e. “Please Support”), but if you know anything about Back To The Future, you’ll want to watch this documentary.



Steve Soboslai