About Us

Craft Services wants to be the extra set of capable hands on your team.

Helping to demystify the art of crowdfunding and audience engagement, we specialize in Kickstarter project management (we're verified experts), unique marketing & promotional ideas/initiatives, image refreshment of your online presence (including web design), email marketing list/newsletter services, and sponsorship/brand partnership opportunities for artists/creators.

Reach out to Craft Services today if you have questions about crowdfunding, navigating the music industry, or just need help with your music career. We even have project consultation rates that can fit an ARTIST budget. Please see our full list of services below. 

For projects that qualify, Craft Services will run your project for a commission based fee and the client pays NOTHING additional if the project doesn’t reach its initial funding goal.

Why would we do that?

Craft Services wants to take on these qualified projects together as a team WITH our clients and to put it quite simply; if the project doesn’t fund, you pay us nothing else.

This way we ALL have skin in the game.

All crowdfunding projects consulted by Craft Services are pitched directly to Kickstarter for feature consideration and potential promotional opportunities. While no placement is ever guaranteed for a project, we have successfully secured Kickstarter newsletter, homepage, and numerous social media features for previous projects handled by Craft Services.

Together, our team will work with you to streamline your project from the ground up, helping you with the “how-to” of creating any project assets you’ll need, such as project copy, videos, photos, messaging, & the whole ball of wax.

While Craft Services can’t guarantee your project will fund, we’re gonna see it through ’til the very end - with complete transparency along the way. Let us know what you’d like help with.
Our full list of things Craft Services can do to help you and your project:

  • Kickstarter Music Project Consultation

    • Project Management

    • Project Page Creation

    • Campaign Monitoring

    • Customer Service/Backer Questions

    • Reward Manufacturing Coordination

    • Reward Fulfillment (Pick, Pack, & Shipping to Backers)

  • Band/Artist Image Refreshment Packages

    • Photo Consultation

    • Web Design

    • Graphics & Fonts

    • Social Media Content Strategy

  • Email Marketing List & Newsletter Services

    • Mailing List Maintenance

    • Email List Growth Strategies

  • Unique Marketing & Special Promotions Ideas/Initiatives

  • Brand Partnerships & Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Marketing Activations & Events

We specialize in music projects, but have helped folks open coffee shops, fund documentaries, digitize comic books, and more. Let’s talk and we’ll be happy to help!